Accidents Involving Pedestrians

by admin on September 2, 2010

Hundreds of pedestrians are killed and injured on Britain’s roads and footpaths each year.  In the collision between flesh and metal, it stands to reason that pedestrians will always fare worst.

Personal injury claims involving pedestrians are rarely cut and dried.  For example, if a pedestrian tried to cross a busy road and was unfortunately hit by an oncoming car and injured, you might think that it was absolutely their fault, and no claim could be made.

However, this is not necessarily the case.  Factors like the visibility afforded to the driver, whether they had been travelling too fast, and warning signs like school or ice cream van, for example, all come into play.

So, although a pedestrian might be partly to blame, motorists have often been found liable and the pedestrian compensated.

A pedestrian personal injury claim is worth considering, even if the injuries were relatively minor.  Inconvenience and time off work can all cost you dearly and should be taken into account.

Remember also that if you are involved in an accident as a pedestrian but the driver of the vehicle fails to stop and acknowledge responsibility you may still be able to claim (and the driver is then guilty of a criminal offence, too).  Witnesses or CCTV may be able to identify the car and either the owner or their insurance company will be asked to compensate you.

Although the UK now has one of the lowest incidences of both motoring and pedestrian injuries in the EU, we do still have a large number of irresponsible and incompetent drivers who are a danger to themselves and other people.

By making a claim you are in fact helping to teach careless drivers that they must drive more responsibly.

If you have had an accident whilst out walking, where a vehicle has either mounted the curb and caused you to be injured, or actually hit you as you were crossing a street, contact Bott & Co today for an informal discussion.  Regardless of whether you are partially to blame, we’ll advise you whether or not we think you have the basis for a claim – you may be surprised!

Why not help to protect other pedestrians and keep dangerous driving off our roads, by making a claim today?  You may be liable for a substantial financial reward, and helping to keep danger off our streets at the same time.

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