About Car Accident Compensation Claims

by admin on November 18, 2010

About Car Accident Compensation Claims

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About Car Accident Compensation Claims

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Posted: Nov 18, 2010 |Comments: 0


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About Car Accident Compensation Claims

By: Mariah Cole

About the Author

If you need help to file a car accident compensation claim then visit this site for no win no fee legal help http://www.100percent-compensation.co.uk/

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Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/About Car Accident Compensation Claims


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Car accident compensation claims are filed on a daily basis in UK but many of these claims are not accepted due to minor mistakes being made while submitting the claim. This article will elaborate on some frequently asked questions and help you file successful car accident compensation claims.

FAQ #1 – What are the eligibility criteria for filing car accident claims?
To be eligible to get car accident compensation the accident should have occurred due to no fault of the claimant. This means that the other party must be entirely at fault and the other party should have broken a highway code. While filing car accident claims claimants must also remember that they are eligible to receive auto accident compensation only if they have been injured in the accident. If the claimant’s car has been damaged in the accident then he can claim additional auto accident compensation provided he meets additional criteria. Claimants can also claim for lost wages if they could not work due to the accident but claimants are advised to consult an auto accident solicitor if they plan to claim for additional compensation.

FAQ #2 – How many months do I have to file the auto accident claim?
Claimants are required to file the auto accident claim within 36 months from the date of the accident. Claimants are advised to file car accident compensation claims as early as possible because by waiting too long claimants may find it hard to find a good solicitor since solicitors require some amount of time to work on these claims. Claimants are advised to get a thorough medical examination before filing the claim since this will help them identify if there have been any additional injuries that were missed out in the preliminary examination. Claimants may be allotted some extra time to file claims if they have sustained internal injuries that they were unaware about but extensions are not granted every time.

FAQ #3- Where can I find an auto accident solicitor and how much will I be charged?
Auto accident solicitors can be found using the internet since many solicitors have their own websites that can be found by using search words through search engines. No win no fee solicitors do not charge any legal fees hence claimants get free legal advice and help. No win no fee solicitors offer free help if the claimant wins or loses the claim and these solicitors also allow claimants to ask questions related to the claim before committing to hire any particular solicitor. This service is known as the no obligatory service and is usually offered by solicitors working for accident claim companies.

About the Author:
If you need help to file a car accident compensation claim then visit this site for no win no fee legal help http://www.100percent-compensation.co.uk/
Article Source

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