5 Things you Should Know about Workplace Injury Claims

by admin on May 26, 2010

Employers usually do not talk about compensation for workplace injuries and they try their level best to hide certain things from their employee. In order to file a workplace injury claim you should be aware of certain claim related things so that you can get maximum compensation. This article will elaborate on 5 important things that will help you get maximum compensation for no added cost.

#1 – After an accident occurs your employer needs to fill out the various details of the accident in an official accident report book. This is needed by the law to ensure that all workplace injuries are reported so that a record can be kept and the employer can prevent such further accidents. If the accident is not recorded in this official book then you may not be entitled for workplace injury compensation.

#2 – All work related injuries have to be treated at the earliest especially if the employee wants to file for compensation. Claimants should keep in mind that they should follow their office’s protocol while getting injuries treated and the injury turns out to be serious then the doctor at the office will ask the employee to visit a hospital. It is important to give importance to small injuries or pain in the shoulders and head since these injuries can lead to complications if they are not treated in time.

#3 – Medical reports such as bills, receipts and hospital discharge papers are used to calculate the amount the claimant should be given for the workplace injury claim. The claimant will need to submit these documents while he is filing the claim as proof of all the expenses incurred due to the accident. In addition to documents the claimant will also have to find a witness who has witnessed the entire accident. The witness for the workplace injury claim can be a co worker, an employee at the office or a superior.

#4 – A solicitor should preferably be hired especially if the claimant is partly at fault for the work related injury. A solicitor will ensure that the claimant will be  compensated for medical expenses, lost wages and pain or suffering if the claimant was not entirely at fault. In most cases compensation is given if the claimant is not at fault but in certain cases the claimant can claim for compensation if he is partly at fault. Compensation will not be given to claimants filing a workplace injury claim if the accident occurred on purpose.

#5- The claimant has 3 years from the date of the accident to file the final claim but it is always recommended to file the claim within 2 months of the date of the accident since this prevents any important information to be forgotten. In all cases the claimant should note down the various details of how the accident occurred and if possible he should keep a book to record the various physical symptoms felt after the accident.

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